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First NameLast NameSport
Damián Blaum Swimming
Gérard Blitz Swimming
Yoav Bruck Swimming
Tiffany Cohen Swimming
Anthony Ervin Swimming
Yoav Gath Swimming
Scott Goldblatt Swimming
Eran Groumi Swimming
Andrea Gyarmati Swimming
Alfréd Hajós Swimming
Michael "Miki" Halika Swimming
Judith Haspel Swimming
Otto Herschmann Swimming
Ziv Kalontarov Swimming
Lenny Krayzelburg Swimming
Herbert Klein Swimming
Dan Kutler Swimming
Keren Leibovitch Swimming
Jason Lezak Swimming
Klara Milch Swimming
József Munk Swimming
Alfred "Artem" Nakache Swimming
Paul Neumann Swimming
Sarah Poewe Swimming
Marilyn Ramenofsky Swimming
Keena Rothhammer Swimming
Albert Schwartz Swimming
Otto Scheff Swimming
Mark Spitz Swimming
Josephine Sticker Swimming
Tal Stricker Swimming
László Szabados Swimming
András Székely Swimming
Éva Székely Swimming
LejzorIlja Szrajbman Swimming
Judit Temes Swimming
Dara Torres Swimming
Eithan Urbach Swimming
Otto Wahle Swimming
Garrett Weber-Gale Swimming
Wendy Weinberg Swimming
Ben Wildman-Tobriner Swimming
Imre Zachár Swimming
Ruth Aarons Table Tennis
Viktor Barna Table Tennis
Laszlo Bellak Table Tennis
Dora Beregi Table Tennis
Richard Bergmann Table Tennis
Benny Casofsky Table Tennis
Alojzhy Ehrlich Table Tennis