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First NameLast NameSport
Aryeh "Arie" Selinger Volleyball
Avital Selinger Volleyball
Eugene Selznick Volleyball
Yuriy Venherovsky Volleyball
Chagai Zamir Volleyball
Róbert Antal Water Polo
Peter Asch Water Polo
István Barta Water Polo
Gerard Blitz Water Polo
Maurice Blitz Water Polo
György Bródy Water Polo
Henri Cohen Water Polo
Kurt Epstein Water Polo
Boris Goikhman Water Polo
György Kárpáti Water Polo
Mihály Mayer Water Polo
Nikolai Melnikov Water Polo
Merrill Moses Water Polo
Miklós Sárkány Water Polo
Moisei Kas'ianik Weightlifting
Edward Lawrence Levy Weightlifting
Grigory Novak Weightlifting
Rudolf Plyukfelder Weightlifting
David Rigert Weightlifting
Igor Rybak Weightlifting
Valery Shary Weightlifting
Frank Spellman Weightlifting
Reuvan Helman Weightlifting
David Mark Berger Weightlifting
Isaac "Ike" Berger Weightlifting
Robert Fein Weightlifting
Gary Gubner Weightlifting
Hans Haas Weightlifting
Ben Helfgott Weightlifting
Lindsey Durlacher Wrestling
Grigorii Gamarnik Wrestling
Samuel Gerson Wrestling
Boris Maksovich Gurevichh Wrestling
Boris Michail Gurevitsch Wrestling
Nicholaus "Micky" Hirschl Wrestling
Oleg Karavaev Wrestling
Károly Kárpáty Wrestling
Abraham Kurland Wrestling
Len Levy Wrestling
Fred Meyer Wrestling
Fred Oberlander Wrestling
Yakov Punkin Wrestling
Samuel Rabin Wrestling
David Rudman Wrestling
Richárd Weisz Wrestling